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Yuan Yuan Yuan

Creative travelling thru jungle is what this blog is about, dorkiy is a jungle, jungle full of animals and beasts etc. do you want to travel around like a chimpanzee, jump around smile and eat a banana. swim around like a little snake, pull your tail and stick in your mouth so that you end up like a wheel and roll around, isnt that faster. than speed of bullte, maybe not, to think yes is just so wrong of no. travel ourism everywhere is so important.

you want to see the world? you want to see asia. you want to see the zonn …

dork donuts

monket chipanzee tourism, to the zoo

are you listening

zoo tourism is the best place to go

blah blah blah. dont read this blah blah, i want to be free

i want to see the world

i wanaanana

do you.

ciao assss